I have always been a healer...

This is something I relied on constantly throughout my career in social work. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I continue to dive deeper into healing as a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer. I wasn’t always on this path; I had a very traditional lifestyle. I didn’t know it at first, but I am an empath and discovered my truth.

I was unhappy with my life.  I was fearful of everything, I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to be around people, I was uncomfortable in my own skin, and I didn’t know who I was. I needed clarity on my life and I was guided to work with a coach who encouraged me to start a meditation practice. 

My energy shifted. I learned so much about myself and it all started to make sense. I discovered that I was an empath, and by definition was very sensitive to others’ energy. I was picking up on everyone else’s energy and taking it on as my own! The people who I felt uncomfortable around weren’t bad people; I was actually sensing their fear, hurt, and whatever else was coming up for them, but I didn’t know how to translate it. I needed to learn how to separate my own energy. 

I started researching Reiki and receiving healings. I was then drawn to do Reiki on myself and others to dissolve anxiety. This powerful tool helped me understand myself in many ways. It has been so instrumental in managing pain, stress, and creating a space for clarity. It is now a way of life for me.

I started to feel less stressed and worried about my life. For the first time, I started to feel mental clarity. Like lifting a veil, I started to see life, myself, and other people differently. I realized there was so much more to life.  I also learned about different crystals to help protect my own energy. 

My first experience with crystals changed my life. Using Rose Quartz, I was able to move heavy, negative energy that I had lived with for ages! This simple, beautiful stone lifted these feelings away and I began my journey to self-healing. Rose Quartz is still my favorite crystal! Since then, my love of crystals has led me to embrace all sorts of spiritual habits, which happen to fit in perfectly with my personality. By embracing mindfulness, I became far more aware of my own feelings, actions, and reactions. I learned more about the chakras and the various practices now associated with them, and dove deeper into Reiki and meditation. 

I carry a few crystals with me at all times, like Rose Quartz for love, Amethyst for healing, and Lapis Lazuli for speaking my truth. I also have altars in my home, one in my bedroom and one in my work space, each with my favorite crystals. Baths are also the perfect place for ritual, and crystals work on such an energetic level that they pair perfectly! I add crystals to my bath salts for whatever it is I am trying to clear. 

To experience the full benefits of crystals and their healing properties, you must simply be open to receive. I am intuitively guided by the Universe to provide Reiki healing energy subscription boxes. I love helping others break through barriers, discover even greater self-love and more with each box. As a healer, it is my passion to help you uncover the tools you need to live the fullest life.

I also provide Distance Reiki Healings. My goal is to help my clients attain their optimum happiness and peace with their mind, body and spirit. I truly believe that when people realize they need to take care of themselves in order to fully live their lives, they begin to turn everything around.